Research in MET

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program offers mentored research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students in the program. We are constantly looking for hard-working, innovative researchers interested in participating in cutting-edge research in manufacturing processes and systems. Current research in the program is focused on the priority research areas listed below. If you are interested in joining one of our research groups, contact the School of Technology for more information.

Additive Manufacturing

  • Hybrid (additive + subtractive) manufacturing processes
  • Multi-material additive in metals and polymers
  • Low-cost and open-source additive mfg hardware
  • Dimensional accuracy and material properties
  • Enriching STEM education through additive mfg

Composites & Polymers

  • Life cycle analysis of plastic materials
  • Consequences of plastic degradation on use and the environment
  • Improvements in manufacturing methods for plastics and composites
  • Development of plastic products for medical industry and startups

Metal Processes & Simulation

  • Joining technologies such as friction stir welding and friction stir scribe
  • Forming, fabrication, and joining of metal alloys
  • Simulation of metal forming processes

Smart Factories & Automation

  • Creating flexible sensor and information system solutions for teaching, research, and production manufacturing hardware
  • Low-cost methods for integrating existing equipment into the Smart Factory
  • Applying advances in product-based Internet of Things technology to factory-based settings