Applying for the Master of Science Degree in Technology

The School of Technology and the MET program offers an MS degree in Technology, with a specialization in Manufacturing Systems. This program requires a minimum of 21 hours of graduate courses and the completion and defense of a technical thesis. For more information on applying, visit

Applying for the Joint MS/MBA Program

A popular option among incoming graduate students is the Joint MS/MBA program, which awards both an MS in Technology and an MBA from BYU’s Marriott School of Business. To pursue this option, you must apply to and be accepted by both the School of Technology and the Marriott School. Additional information can be found at

Graduate Advisement, Program Requirements, Thesis Guidelines, etc.

Links to the Graduate Advisement Office, program requirements, guidelines, and information for current MS students can be found at

Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

The School of Technology and the MET Program offer several scholarship based on various criteria and needs for graduate students. Once you are accepted to the MS program, additional information on how to apply for these scholarships will be sent to you. Please be aware of all listed deadlines to assure you are eligible to receive scholarships your first semester.

Graduate Research Opportunities

In pursuit of your thesis, you will conduct technical research under the advisement of a Faculty Advisor and a Thesis Committee. Most students conduct their research as paid research assistants as part of a faculty member’s ongoing research group; however independent research outside of the core research areas is also welcome. Interdisciplinary and industry-partnered research is highly encouraged. In addition to producing a thesis, you may also have the opportunity to share your research in competitions, academic conferences, industry site visits, and journal publications.

Recent Theses

All student theses in the School of Technology can be accessed online at