Joining the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program

Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a four-year undergraduate degree program that prepares students for technical and management careers in manufacturing. The MET program is an open-enrollment degree. To declare MET as your major, visit Room 242 Clyde Building.

MET BS Program Requirements

The MET major requires a minimum of 124 total hours to graduate. A full list of required courses can be found at

A flowchart of the recommended order of courses can be picked up at the School of Technology Main Office, 265 Crabtree Building or at

MET Scholarship Opportunities

The School of Technology and the MET Program offer several scholarship based on various criteria and needs. To apply for all available scholarships, fill out the form at and return it by mail, fax, email or in person according to the instructions on the form. Please note that the deadline for applying for each upcoming school year is March 1st.

MET Internship Opportunities

One requirement for the MET program is to complete at least one internship, fulfilling the course MFG 399R. Many resources are available at the university, college, school, and program level to help you find the perfect fit! For help in finding, applying for, and getting credit for an internship, call, email, or visit the School of Technology Advisement Office You can also browse the resources available at the College Internship website

In addition to conventional internships based in the USA, the MET program coordinates with the Kennedy Center to offer a five-week internship program in China or Taiwan Additional international opportunities are offered through the College’s Weidman Center for Global Leadership

MET Undergraduate Research

The MET program places a large focus on getting interested students engaged in faculty-mentored research, even as early as your freshman year! If you are interested, visit the “Research” tab above and contact the School of Technology or individual faculty members to discuss current opportunities.

MET Advisement

Thinking of applying? Partway through the program and wondering about the next step? Curious about additional opportunities? Contact the School of Technology Advisement Office for any questions or guidance