Manufacturing in today’s complex world is an interdisciplinary endeavor, integrating technical knowledge with business, social (employment, safety, labor costs, culture, etc.) and environmental factors. In order to prepare our students for successful and fulfilling careers, we combine scientific principles and manufacturing theory with lab-based exercises and projects. This approach gives our students an opportunity to gain the practical knowledge and technical competency that is sought after by the manufacturing community. We value industrially relevant research where we actively involve both graduate and undergraduate students in our work, even as we look for ways to incorporate our findings into our coursework. As our students emerge from the MET program, they will be prepared to make an immediate and impactful contribution to the organizations they serve, and will be recognized for their competence and character.


To achieve our mission and educational vision we have established the following overall instructional objectives:

1. Provide a curriculum that effectively integrates manufacturing, engineering and management principles and practices, all within a global context.

2. Instill principles of leadership and integrity in our students.

3. Provide outstanding facilities and laboratory instruction where students can gain hands-on experience in a controlled environment.

4. Encourage faculty excellence by promoting activities and creative work that will strengthen program core competencies and emphasis areas.

5. Conduct applied research and foster interdisciplinary collaboration that mutually benefits the university and its industrial, academic and governmental partners.

6. Participate in and contribute to the greater BYU community.

7. Promote and instill habits of learning that outlive graduation.

8. Instill a service-oriented attitude in our students.

9. Provide worldwide leadership in manufacturing education.

10. Assist in fulfilling the mission of the worldwide Church.