Professor Charles Harrell:

Charles Harrell’s research interests are in the area of modeling and simulation of manufacturing and service systems. He is co-author of three simulation books and has presented numerous papers on systems simulation. He is founder of ProModel Corporation and currently serves on their board of directors. He is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers where he serves on the simulation steering committee. He also serves on the National Simulation Standards Committee for NIST.



Professor Andy George:

 Andy George's research can be described as follows:

  1. Determinations of the life of plastic materials and the consequences of plastic degradation on uses and the environment.
  2. Improvements in manufacturing methods for plastics and composites.
  3. Development of new plastic products, especially for inventors and entrepreneurs.
  4. Plastic medical device development.



Professor Mike Miles:

Professor Miles is currently doing research in the following areas:

     1. Forming, fabrication and joining of metal alloys
     2. Simulation of metal forming processes
     3. Lean manufacturing / lean operations

He has received funding from the National Science Foundation and from the Dept. of Energy on spot welding technologies
for joining of high strength steels, dissimilar combinations of high strength steels and light metals, and formability of magnesium sheet for automotive applications.