"Thanks to the MET scholarship, I was able to work less and spent more time studying. I was not as worried to know how I am going to pay for my tuition or buy textbooks."

"My MET scholarship helped me in a variety of ways.  Not only did it lessen the financial stress of trying work so much doing school, but it also helped me be a better student and person in general.  With the scholarship, it gave me that extra motivation to excel in my classes and prepare myself as a well qualified engineer. Before I had never thought about donating money to a scholarship fund.  However, after seeing how big of impact they have, I feel like it would be a privilege to donate in the future to help new coming engineers. I really do appreciate the funds and wish I could personally thank the kind people who help out students like me."

"I received an MET scholarship my last semester prior to graduation, and the funds provided allowed me to graduate without having to incur any student loans.  I'll always be grateful for that gift, as I got married soon after and was able to start life with my new wife without the obligation of debt pulling on our resources."

"The generous contributions of individuals and organizations to the MET program at Brigham Young University helped me a great deal while I was going to school.  I always worked hard in my schoolwork and also maintained employment throughout my college career but still fell short when it came time to pay for tuition.  I am very thankful for the scholarship fund in the MET department that allowed me to continue schooling in a timely manner.  The benefit the scholarships gave me was much more than the monetary value alone.  I am just one of the many students who would like to thank those who contributed to my education and to my future."

"In my first few years at BYU I worked close to 30 hours a week to pay for my schooling. My grades suffered and I was not able to give my classes the attention they needed. Later in school I was able to get a few scholarships that helped me to cut back a few hours and work harder at school. Since I have gotten the scholarships, my grades have been significantly better and I feel like I'm understanding the material more."

"My education was made possible because of scholarships.  I was truly able to focus my time on my education and my family while we were studying at BYU.  The MET scholarship was particularly beneficial to me; it motivated me because it showed to me that someone else really believes that I could be successful, - even at times when I wasn't sure myself.  That really helped me to get through some of the more difficult times (both monetarily and psychologically).  I am very happy to say that I am successful in what I do, but I owe a large part of that success to those who helped me.  Thank you."