About the Program:

Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a nationally-respected program in BYU's School of Technology that prepares students for technical and management careers in manufacturing. Faculty members in the BYU manufacturing program have provided national leadership in various aspects of manufacturing education and key areas of manufacturing related technology.

Students are taught how to be leaders in the manufacturing industry. A large majority of graduates are offered management positions within 5 years of graduation, and these managers are best prepared by a combination of a technology background in manufacturing and a solid business education. This double emphasis is inherent in the manufacturing engineering technology program.

Manufacturing graduates receive an accredited, professional, four-year BS degree in Engineering Technology and can opt to take the classes required for a minor in Business Management

The professional responsibilities of manufacturing graduates may range from solving specific process problems to deciding where to build a new factory (and how to equip and staff it).  Manufacturing Engineering Technology encompasses the research, planning, design and implementation of production facilities, machine tools, people and systems for the manufacture of discrete products of specified quality with a minimum expenditure of time, labor and materials.

Technology is the link between science and people, and manufacturing engineering technologists are leaders in technology and managers of innovation.

Some specific duties of new graduates:

  • Solve practical problems in manufacturing
  • Design tools and fixtures used with manufacturing processes.
  • Manage people and money in projects and processes
  • Write procedures for fabrication and assembly operations.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of an existing production line.
  • Serve on a team to develop a new product, providing expertise on manufacturing questions, planning manufacturing operations and estimating production costs.

The manufacturing engineering technology program at BYU is geared toward teaching students how to use certain technologies, methods, and tools to produce affordable products of high quality. Coursework in the program thus insists upon developing creative and analytical skills as well as communication and interpersonal skills.

Preparing for the Program:

The manufacturing engineering technology program is open to all students.  This means that you do not have to apply and have a committee review your application.  You simply have to go to 242 in the Clyde Building to declare your major as MET.